Friday, February 10, 2006

slowly but surely, it's working...

Today my boss said, "You lost weight!" I stopped dead in my tracks, it was the first real mention of my efforts by someone that didn't know I was trying so hard. I said yes, breathlessly and so happy because the scale still isn't being very cooperative. She said, "I was thinking yesterday that you looked different, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. But you can tell, especially in your face, it looks thinner." I am starting to see my old curves though. Much more than before. I feel alot more confident, although I still have along way to go. Total weight loss is at 4, almost 5 pounds. Yay me :) Off to workout!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

have to push harder

As I mentioned before, I have a feeling this time is going to be more difficult in losing weight. I did not lose any weight this past week. I do notice my body becoming curvier though, regaining it's old shape somewhat (can't say completely, because boy do I have a long way to go). My arms are becoming toned and much less flabby, and so is my rear end/hips. Even my tummy is showing a lil definition. This week I went to Bally's with my friends up north, and the way the workout made me sweat, I realized I have been going too easy on myself at home. I vowed to pump up the volume from now on, because no wonder I feel frustrated. So I did last night - and boy did it get me. But I felt good afterwards. I also took the plunge and bought a Bowflex Extreme 2 machine - have to wait for it to be shipped but I am pretty excited. Some people have to question whether to buy gym equipment because deep down they know they won't use it after awhile, but I am truly not one of those people. I looove the lat pulldowns, and anything to work my back and arms. So my debt has increased because of this purchase, but between my tax return, bonus, and settlement I am not worried. This is an investment in me, and I truly need it right now. I need to feel balance in all aspects of my life, not just financially. I also made a stop at Barnes & Noble and picked up some books on stretching and definition, and yoga, pilates, and meditation, as well as a book related to overall balance in one's life. I am definitely on a path to bettering myself. Hopefully next week I can report a loss in weight!

Monday, January 23, 2006

progress so far.

Not much! I shouldn't be so pessimistic because I honestly have been doing awesome w.what I eat and I work out nearly every day. But to date I have only lost 3 pounds. I guess I shouldn't be soo down on myself, considering I really committed to this in the beginning of the month, and it's not abnormal to lose small amounts of weight (it's the healthy way, actually). I refuse to base my feelings about myself on the numbers on the scale, but I could use a little positive reinforcement. I am still happy the scale went down as it is. But I'm impatient! lol I am reading Shape's "Shape Your Life" book which discusses health on every level - physical, spiritual, etc. I am going to start using their workouts that they have in there. Hopefully we'll see some good results. My pants, while I am still the same size, are looser and fit better. Not to mention Nick smacked my butt and said wow - it's all muscle now. That's right baby. Buns of steel. lol

Anyway, just checking in. I need to keep a journal of my progress so once I make it there, I can see how far I've come :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

going to the chapelll... gonna get married...

Nick & I got engaged over the holiday! I am very excited, but amongst other things, my big goal is to lose weight. After all, who wants to squeeze themselves into a wedding gown. The pictures from that day will forever capture my happiest day, and I certainly don't want to be unhappy with my appearance. The day Nick proposed, I was actually getting ready to go buy a treadmill, as it is the year of ME. Meaning I am going to be a little selfish, and do whatever I need to do to make myself feel beautiful - obviously that means losing weight. Last year was the year of the finances, so 2006 is the year of the diet. I feel great, been working out since just before Xmas, but only maintained my weight since there were holiday goodies all around. I am pretty much a week and a half into my real diet, and this is real motivation people. Sure, I can slack, but where will I be left when those dreaded dress fittings happen? So no, I refuse to let myself down. Plus I am pretty excited to get skinny. I can picture it in my mind and all psyched up for it. So - I officially started weighing myself last week. I am at 170, and unfortunately still the same this Sunday. However, let us take into account that I am holding water at this particular time and also the fact that I think I gained muscle already considering my high protein diet (oh yeah, did I mention how healthy I am eatin? Go me!) and the fact that I can already see myself becoming more solid. Woooohooo =) So I will allow this. I care more about how I look than what the scale says, but of course it's nice to be rewarded by dropping numbers. I'll try to post every week now - my wedding date is 10/21/2006. So I have roughly 10 months (not even) to lose the 30-40 pounds I want to shed. I am not worried, because it is considered healthy to lose 1-2 pounds per week, and if I were lucky enough to shed the full 2 lbs., I'd meet my goal by May 21st. Since that still gives me plenty of time, since I doubt I'll be losing at full speed, I am very optimistic. I am being realistic also - this is not only about losing weight, but making myself and my body healthy. This is my overall goal. Cannot wait!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

good news!

I am not here to disappoint you today! I am not sure if it's the healthy eating, or my 2 days of Tae Bo (lol), but I am 4 pounds lighter (and this is after I ate and at night, fully clothed, so it's super good). Yay :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

got a plan

Sorry I suck at posting on this blog. I don't think anyone reads it, but if ya do, sorry. :O) Anyways, I haven't made any previous goals that I promised, but today is different because I have an actual plan (and I actually got up to do it today): I operate pretty well under a tight schedule, which is why I was so horrible at trying to do something with so much free time. I am now back to work, and decided to get up a little earlier to do Tae Bo on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I also have to workout on the weekend, both days, but if I can manage the 30 minutes in the morning, I've got a good exercise plan, 5 days a week. I really am optimistic about it. I also have been eating extremely healthy, in all seriousness. Our fridge is filled with fruit, veggies, good meat, salad, etc. No cookies or anything like that (not that that is my weakness anyway). I am still drinking soda, but plan on cutting back now that I am back to work. I also should be able to pay off my cc debt very soon, at which point I plan on purchasing a cheap treadmill to run on (running works for me). I have a plan, and it's going to work.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mickey D's can help you lose weight?!


Now don't get too excited. The woman in question is an active mom, not to mention you still have to follow the guidelines for cutting out fat and calories. She certainly didn't follow Morgan Spurlock's example by eating everything off the menu at least once, and ALL consumed food had to be off the McDonald's menu.